MFS 100 – Marriage & Family


The social, emotional and spiritual health of society and culture is directly connected with the social, emotional and spiritual health of the fundamental structure in human group life that is the family. Thus, this course will teach the critical importance of leadership in marriage and in family life. The family unit is the result of the coming together of male and female individuals in a covenantal and permanent relationship in marriage. This relationship of complementarity and equality is established in mutual love, which is the foundation for the establishment of a nuclear family that has as one of its principal mission the rearing of children who would be formed into physical, emotional and spiritual healthy individuals for the betterment of society and culture.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Apply the knowledge and skills in the field of marriage and family to the student’s own life, and in the service of others who need counsel and support in times of crisis in their marriage and family life.
  • Utilize insights of healthy marriage relationship in the student’s own personal decision-making process regarding choice of a mate, marriage and becoming a couple.
  • Integrate knowledge of human development in the task of parenting that fosters healthy attachment in the formation of children who would develop into mature and responsible adults.
  • Apply the knowledge of leadership in marriage and family to the life of the student that will result in the establishment of a family that is healthy, permanent, wholesome and resilient.