BUS 100 – Christian Faith & Money Management


Money exerts a tremendous power and influence over people’s lives and the way they conduct their personal daily affairs. The Christian Faith which is founded on the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Bible views money differently than society and culture which have other foundational values and belief systems which are not compatible with the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Bible. According to the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Bible, everything we are and own belongs to God. Therefore, we have the responsibility to manage God’s possessions in harmony with God’s nature and God’s mission in the world.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Apply the knowledge and skills in the course to be a responsible manager of God’s possessions in daily life.
  • Utilize knowledge of money and its power to make it a fruitful servant in the life of the student.
  • Integrate the course material in a lifestyle that honors God in all areas of personal and professional life.
  • Apply the understanding of money in the Christian perspective to be a witness in a materialistic and money driven culture.